My New Beginning

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A friend of mine suggested that I blog about my adventure, journey, and progress of my new beginning.  I am a 46 year old mother of 2 boys, married to my high school sweetheart and best friend, and I am psychic medium hairstylist.  After 20 years “Behind the Chair” I have decided to retire from standing on my feet long hours, stop abusing my hands and skin to the treacherous chemicals and water, and pursue my passion in education and Leadership of Young Living Essential Oils.  In addition to that avenue of travel, I will also be writing a series of books that will share stories of loved ones who have crossed over with messages of love and hope to deliver through me.  I am also working on a motivational book that will focus on overcoming obstacles in life, that make us a survivor or a victim.

I began breaking the “good news / bad news” to my clients on my father’s 82nd birthday. Did I plan on that? NO.  But January 31st, 2017 was the day.  I was nervous, excited, scared, and freaked out all at the same time.  Being a professional people pleaser, this decision was very hard, knowing that for the last 15-20 years, most of my clients had become my dear friends. I had the blessing and luxury of a “date” with my friends, on a calendar, with uninterrupted attention, for sometimes up to 2 hours at a time.  Tell me if you are able to spend that quality time with 60+ of your friends AND get your hair done or do someone else’s hair in one visit!!!

As of today, I am one month into this decision and announcement.  Breaking the news has certainly been a social experiment in itself.  The people I was most worried about were the ones that were the most supportive.  The ones I thought may be ready for a breath of fresh air, were the ones who took it the hardest.   I have to admit, I have not felt one bit of regret each and every time I tell my plans.  This tells me that God has me on the right path.

So far, God has laid the path in the following “Only God can do this” sort of ways:

A dear friend and long time client came in for her hair visit.  Originally, we were scheduled for color and cut the week before my official announcement.  For some reason, we had to separate her color and cut into two appointments.  The color appointment was the week after I decided to announce my retirement from hair and full time education in Young Living.  Diane is the Program Director of Health and Wellness for the City of Fort Collins through UC Health and Columbine Healthcare Systems.  She is the person who decides what classes are held at the three facilities here in Fort Collins for the Health and Wellness Program.  She mentioned that the essential oils classes were needed to be filled and the deadline for submission was that Friday at 5:00pm.  Had we kept her original appointment, she would not have known about my plans to retire and teach classes. Because my “Booking Angel” changed our original plans, I now have 6 classes booked and published in the Recreator for this summer’s line up of classes!  I am so excited!  This thrusted into a series of cold calls to The Windsor Recreation Center, where I am in the process of securing several dates.  Emails to the person in charge of booking the Whole Foods cooking classroom for future cooking classes I would like to formulate followed that call to Windsor.  One of my goals in the nearest future is to design a meditation class using essential oils with Archangels and Ascended Masters.  Raindrop Technique Certification classes, Emotional Oils classes, and many other ideas are swimming in my head!

Education is not the only avenue I wish to pursue.  This adventure also includes leadership. A few friends, who have been using Young Living, have approached me, asking me to mentor them through their process of becoming entrepreneurs.  A challenge I look forward to with bells on!!!  Our first meeting was interesting, enlightening, and very telling experience of who is ready to launch, and who is needing self improvements and self nurturing.  To say I am totally stoked to begin this new chapter of my life would be an understatement.

I will continue to share this journey with you as it unfolds.  Watch for my next blog when I explain the meaning of the emblem on top of this blog.



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