Valor…… What does that mean?

I thought that after 10 months of not blogging, I shouldn’t even think about doing it again…… Then I was inspired!  Inspired by my son Ben, as well as a friend named Jen Nastu.  I will start with Ben.

Today he underwent two very brutal imagery tests for his pitching elbow.  Ben is 14 years old (going on 44), 6 feet tall, the most kind and gentle loving human being on this planet who has a very special gift of sensitivity and vision.  He has been in competitive baseball now for 4 years playing his heart out.  His older brother Brody, our 20 year old son, who is also a very intuitive and amazing young man, is his coach now for his high school team.  They have shown me what a true loving sibling relationship can be. Anyway, enough bragging….. Ben is working towards college scholarships in academics as well as baseball with a conceivable dream to make it to the Majors someday.  After a 72 game summer last year his elbow started bothering him.  We thought that the 3 month break in the winter would allow him to heal.  We used essential oils, iced, rested, and PT’d that sucker…. to his dismay, once pitching practice started it reared its ugly head again.  He showed me today during these trying moments that Valor is bravery.  Anxiety is something that runs in our family and Ben has been trying to conquer his since he was a child.  When I was fearing him to be completely freaked out, he sure showed me!!! (Thank GOD!!!!!) He was such a trooper.  Valor is proving that FEAR really stands for False Expectations Appearing Real.  The mind can overcome fear.  The soul can be lead to believe that GOD holds us during times of tribulation and fear.  Valor means that you are willing to face an enemy, challenge, or something you never thought you could have victory over and in the end be the VICTOR.  We used the essential oil blend named Valor today.  It certainly gave our sense of bravery and strength a huge boost.  My family is blessed with the gifts that essential oils has brought to our wellness both physically and mentally.  My knowledge grows everyday and my passion heats every moment to learn and experience more and more about the precious God given blessings that they have to offer.

Jen Nastu is a blogger/friend that also took a break from her passion of sharing her insights on being a “Middle Aged Woman” MAW.  Her wit and humor in her writings share so many thoughts we all feel.  She was in today for a hair color and cut.  She just recovered from severe sinus surgery, and in the process realized how much she was awakened to her purpose in life while she was recovering.  Thank you Jen, for giving me the Valor to go back to my blog and renew my passion for sharing spiritual stories of passion, enlightenment, and positivity.  Her blog site is  If you want a good giggle, check her out!!!






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