Grace…… What does it really mean?

tiny-frog-hiding-in-a-roseI never understood the magnitude of the word “Grace” until I was awakened to see what a gift it really is.

Grace is a verb. It means whatever you do, no matter how you wish you would have done things differently, God gives you…. GRACE. It means that He sees that we are only human here, and we can only be what we are, as humans. We can not be “perfect”, “righteous”, or “holy”. We can only be the very best we can be. Some days that “Best” is a 10 and other days that “Best” is a 2. (On a scale of 1-10) And guess what….. that is ok! If you open your heart to a loving God that loves you without judgment and without expectation, you will receive GRACE. You will receive Eternal Life in a place that is pure joy, love, and peace. There is no “entry fee”, no “cost per person”, and “no reservations required”.  Just simply allow your heart and soul to be loved by your Creator just as you love your child.

Think about it this way…… You simply want your child to come home from school each day safe and sound, correct?  You know that where they are going, there will be hard lessons, trials and tribulations, tests and tortures. But you know that you await your child to come home to a place of peace and comfort. A place that they will feel love without expectation. This is what God has waiting for us after this “school” that we are attending while we are here on Earth.  This photo shows that no matter how small we are, God protects us with Grace and beauty and love.  He surrounds us with a sensation that we are special to Him and He knows everything about us.  He knows every hair on our head.  And He can comfort us with something as beautiful as a rose petal when we call upon Him.

Simply a thought for you to ponder.

Angels, Love and Light to all of you,

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