Watching over us…..

This beautiful Angel cloud is a sign that we are protected and watched by God.  How can anyone deny that this cloud is a “coincidence”?  I am constantly looking up at the clouds and finding images of Angels.  My boys have even started looking up to see the simple signs from above.  Ben said today that he saw a Japanese Wave in one of the clouds on our way to Denver.  That is his way of looking for signs.  They are all around us constantly.  A pregnant mother, a blooming crab apple tree, a turtle sitting on a log at our park.  All of these are ways that we can enjoy the fact that we are never alone.  Too many times I hear people ask me for proof of another higher being, a Creator, a God.  How many more examples of a Creator that loves us more than anything can you ask for?  Just take a ride in the mountains.  Take a hike in the woods.  Drive your car to the grocery store and make it home with food for your family safe and sound without an accident.  What else do you need for proof that you are loved?  The energy it takes to “not believe” is often compared to the energy it takes to frown.  More muscles of the face are used to frown than are used to smile.  “Friends…. don’t let friends wrinkle over disbelief!” HAHAHAHAHA!!!!


Sending Angels, Love and Light to all of you,


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