LOVE, not on the periodical chart….

The word “LOVE”….. we use it every day.  “I Love you”, “I love that”, or “I love IT”. Do we really understand what LOVE is or means?  Is it an over used word that has lost its meaning?  I hope not, and think that maybe, this is a great word to be overused!  God has given us so many gifts.  Gifts of courage, insight, bravery, and survival.  The best gift in my opinion, is LOVE.  It is something that you can not package, sell, or put in a box.  It does not have a box on the periodical chart of physics.  It is something that you can only FEEL.  You can exchange it with someone else, you can share it with everyone or nobody, or you can choose to refuse it.  Love is the most important thing that connects us with The Divine and others that are here on this place with us.  Picture a beautiful ball of yarn with every color ever imagined.  Then picture that you are a single strand that comes from that ball with a bazillion other ones just like you, only a different color.  Each going a different direction, yet in the end, composing a beautiful tapestry that compares to no other work of art we here have ever seen or will see. That is what I believe God to be. “Free Will” was another important gift that our Creator ever gave us.  An opportunity to explore, learn, and challenge what our souls were born to know.  When we find that what created us is the only LOVE ever known, then that is when we find enlightenment and Divine Connection and Peace.

I wish you all the best that LOVE brings to you, your relationships and your futures,


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