Divine Intervention Today

IMG_3581Today I met a very special woman.  A woman who gave me inspiration, a reminder that my purpose here has so many different paths and venues.  My dear friend, Robin, referred her to me because she is trying to change her life for the better.  A Place For Grace is a program to help women who have been abused, put into a horrible situation, or need to have a second chance to become a contributing part of society.  It is a very detailed and organized program run with love and compassion.  The boutique that is part of the program, offers a great place to shop for unique gifts, and in addition, provides a place to train skills to these women to regain confidence and have something to market themselves.  Individuals, like you and, I can sell products and gifts. Portions of the proceeds go back toward the program costs.  Please visit Gracieboutique.org for more information.

Minarca was her name.  IMG_3581I didn’t know what to expect.  I knew she was in a place that definitely “needed grace”, and that God arranged of her to be with me today.  She arrived in a “very well used” vehicle and approached my salon entrance with a confidence and unease.  I “felt the company” of another unseen woman who was not in physical form.  (this is in my mind’s eye)  I welcomed her with a warm handshake and introduced myself.  After a consultation concerning her haircut, which I offered pro bono, to give her a gift honoring her for her efforts to turn her life around.  Little did I know, she would teach me a thing or two.  She began to open up immediately about her nephew she took guardianship of at the age of 8.  Her sister is a drug addict and now awaiting jail term.  Their mother passed away shortly after she was charged.  Minarca was taking care of their ill mother during the drama of her sisters bad choices.  This put her in a situation of poverty and hopelessness for her future.  Luckily God lead her to Robin and her program for redirection.

Once I began her scalp massage prior to her haircut, I could feel a very strong presence of her mother asking to relay a message to her.  She is a very strong spirit not willing to take “no” for an answer.  I have set boundaries with those whom have crossed over by saying “If the person is not open to receive, please do not come through”  however, if God intervenes and tells me that the person needs to hear the message the loved ones send, then I obey and try to do so with love and tenderness.  (Boy it can be tough sometimes).  So, there I go. I listen intently to the story of her mothers tragic death.  Then I began to explain to her my “Gift” and told her that her mother had a message she needed to hear.  I told her that her mother wants her to know how very proud she is of her selflessness in taking her grandson in.  She has given this boy so many opportunities to succeed by changing his school, meeting intently and with passion with teachers to get him to where he needs to be in his progress, encouraging him to become athletically involved in school, teaching him how to take the city bus system to school in order to have a better education, etc, etc.  Unfortunately, Minorca was there with her mother as she tragically bled to death due to complications of an arterial surgery after she was home.  She brought her to the ER telling the doctors that something was wrong.  They insisted it was nothing and sent her home.  Even with her constant care and attention once they were back at he home, she walked in to check on her and saw that she was bleeding profusely from her neck.  911 was called, and after her arrival at the hospital, they needed Minarca to make the choice to take her off of life support.  The second part of her mothers “message” was to tell her that she made the right choice and that she was so proud of her for her courage and strength and that she never wanted to be a burden to anyone.  Minarca began to tear up as I described her mothers personality, and gave her the message of love and pride she felt for her daughter.  I was able to confirm things that no one else would possibly know to assure her that it was indeed her mother.  Her mother wanted her to know how much she appreciated all of the care and attention she had given to her during her illness.  She also wanted her to know that when she has the perfect words to give to her nephew/son and doesn’t know how or where they came from, that it is her relaying the messages and knowledge.  Minarca was thrust from “bachelorette to mother” in a matter of a few days and has taken this challenge seriously and with dedication I have not witnessed in many mothers I have come into contact with over the years.

The ironic thing about our time spent today was that Minarca almost did not come in for her haircut.  She has been struggling with her own health issues, and wanted to try to reschedule.  My friend Robin, encouraged her multiple times to go and she took her 4 Advil and decided to come in despite her discomfort.  By the time she left my studio, we hugged, cried, and laughed together.  She needed the visit from her mother just as much, if not, MORE than the haircut that will hopefully giver her the confidence to spread her wings and get the job to launch her into her new brighter future.

God, thank you for making your timing perfect.  Thank you for my gift.  Thank you for giving me the space and opportunities that allow your divine intervention to occur.  Bless Minarca, her “son” Cameron, her sister in her tough journey, and Robin, for connecting these women to a better, brighter future.

Angels, Love and Light to ALL,


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