Struggle, Survival, Relationship and God


In the last month or so, I have found out too many people I love are facing some pretty difficult obstacles in their near future.  Cancer.  Why did we name it that?  Why does it conjure up some horrific thoughts of pain, suffering, worry and fear?  My only reasoning that such a thing exists in our earthly world is that it must be a tool.  A tool that is very sharp, dangerous to operate, and can cause severe pain.  However, maybe this, as well as so many other “tools” in life, can be handled with care, and when applied properly, can actually “fix” or “mend” something.  Could that be in the form of relationships?  That is the only approach to this question that works for me.  I can tell you that over the years of watching people struggle through it, most find a connection with God that they never had before.  A connection with a spouse, sibling, or friend they never had before.  A feeling of purpose to want to survive.

Survival, thats another word.  That word conjures up emotions of excitement, strength, conquering the unconquerable, winning, elation, life, and wanting to live better, happier, and more fulfilled.  So the two words seem to go hand in hand.  Cancer can equal survivor, or it can equal victim.  I hope this blog does not offend anyone who’s lives have been touched by this disease.  I have been effected so many times I can not count.  I have had my own brush with cancer having had a hysterectomy and ovary removal (due to a dermoid cyst) and my cervix removed because of cancerous cells.  I have also had pre cancerous polyps removed from my colon.  I have had many clients survive breast, colon, and skin cancer.  My paternal aunt and uncle, maternal aunt and grandmother were all taken by cancer.

My intention in this blog is to make people have an understanding that maybe something good can come from something tragic.  Relationship.  I think about that word dissected into 2 words.  “Relate” and “Ship”.  We are all in the same “ship”, it is how we “relate”.  Can we grow together and keep each other afloat, or will we pull others down with us?  It really is a choice.  Sink or swim, survive or victimize, relate or disassociate.  God can and will help you chose the best of those choices.  All you have to do is ask and listen.  He will guide you, protect you, and will never leave your side.

To all of those who have been touched by cancer, I honor your fight, your willingness to survive, and your selflessness to share your story with others.  For those who’s lives were cut short by cancer, I hope they know how their battle has effected others by being witness to suffering, struggle, and strength.  You are never forgotten, always loved and remembered, and will be forever in our thoughts and prayers.

You can also relate this entire blog to any other disease that may have a place in your lives.  Many other diseases cause just as much, if not more struggle and heartache as cancer does.  It just seems like the “C” word has been very prevalent in my life lately.  Depression, autism, diabetes, Alzheimers, Parkinson’s, and many, many others can be filled into the word I chose to talk about tonight.  I send all of you, and your loved ones, fighting any disease Angels to protect you, heal you and to lift you up to God for healing and strength.

Angels, Love and Light to all of you,


One thought on “Struggle, Survival, Relationship and God

  1. You are absolutely right.
    He has made everything beautiful in its time. – Ecclesiastes 3:11
    I believe part of recognizing the beauty is having that relationship with God. My job used to be visual merchandising. My coworkers and some customers would be able to come in the store and know I had been there because they recognized my work. They were able to do this because they are regulars at the store. When we regularly meet with God we can easily recognize his work in our lives. Good stuff Nicole. I am enjoying your blog.


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