My New Beginning

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A friend of mine suggested that I blog about my adventure, journey, and progress of my new beginning.  I am a 46 year old mother of 2 boys, married to my high school sweetheart and best friend, and I am psychic medium hairstylist.  After 20 years “Behind the Chair” I have decided to retire from standing on my feet long hours, stop abusing my hands and skin to the treacherous chemicals and water, and pursue my passion in education and Leadership of Young Living Essential Oils.  In addition to that avenue of travel, I will also be writing a series of books that will share stories of loved ones who have crossed over with messages of love and hope to deliver through me.  I am also working on a motivational book that will focus on overcoming obstacles in life, that make us a survivor or a victim.

I began breaking the “good news / bad news” to my clients on my father’s 82nd birthday. Did I plan on that? NO.  But January 31st, 2017 was the day.  I was nervous, excited, scared, and freaked out all at the same time.  Being a professional people pleaser, this decision was very hard, knowing that for the last 15-20 years, most of my clients had become my dear friends. I had the blessing and luxury of a “date” with my friends, on a calendar, with uninterrupted attention, for sometimes up to 2 hours at a time.  Tell me if you are able to spend that quality time with 60+ of your friends AND get your hair done or do someone else’s hair in one visit!!!

As of today, I am one month into this decision and announcement.  Breaking the news has certainly been a social experiment in itself.  The people I was most worried about were the ones that were the most supportive.  The ones I thought may be ready for a breath of fresh air, were the ones who took it the hardest.   I have to admit, I have not felt one bit of regret each and every time I tell my plans.  This tells me that God has me on the right path.

So far, God has laid the path in the following “Only God can do this” sort of ways:

A dear friend and long time client came in for her hair visit.  Originally, we were scheduled for color and cut the week before my official announcement.  For some reason, we had to separate her color and cut into two appointments.  The color appointment was the week after I decided to announce my retirement from hair and full time education in Young Living.  Diane is the Program Director of Health and Wellness for the City of Fort Collins through UC Health and Columbine Healthcare Systems.  She is the person who decides what classes are held at the three facilities here in Fort Collins for the Health and Wellness Program.  She mentioned that the essential oils classes were needed to be filled and the deadline for submission was that Friday at 5:00pm.  Had we kept her original appointment, she would not have known about my plans to retire and teach classes. Because my “Booking Angel” changed our original plans, I now have 6 classes booked and published in the Recreator for this summer’s line up of classes!  I am so excited!  This thrusted into a series of cold calls to The Windsor Recreation Center, where I am in the process of securing several dates.  Emails to the person in charge of booking the Whole Foods cooking classroom for future cooking classes I would like to formulate followed that call to Windsor.  One of my goals in the nearest future is to design a meditation class using essential oils with Archangels and Ascended Masters.  Raindrop Technique Certification classes, Emotional Oils classes, and many other ideas are swimming in my head!

Education is not the only avenue I wish to pursue.  This adventure also includes leadership. A few friends, who have been using Young Living, have approached me, asking me to mentor them through their process of becoming entrepreneurs.  A challenge I look forward to with bells on!!!  Our first meeting was interesting, enlightening, and very telling experience of who is ready to launch, and who is needing self improvements and self nurturing.  To say I am totally stoked to begin this new chapter of my life would be an understatement.

I will continue to share this journey with you as it unfolds.  Watch for my next blog when I explain the meaning of the emblem on top of this blog.



Valor…… What does that mean?

I thought that after 10 months of not blogging, I shouldn’t even think about doing it again…… Then I was inspired!  Inspired by my son Ben, as well as a friend named Jen Nastu.  I will start with Ben.

Today he underwent two very brutal imagery tests for his pitching elbow.  Ben is 14 years old (going on 44), 6 feet tall, the most kind and gentle loving human being on this planet who has a very special gift of sensitivity and vision.  He has been in competitive baseball now for 4 years playing his heart out.  His older brother Brody, our 20 year old son, who is also a very intuitive and amazing young man, is his coach now for his high school team.  They have shown me what a true loving sibling relationship can be. Anyway, enough bragging….. Ben is working towards college scholarships in academics as well as baseball with a conceivable dream to make it to the Majors someday.  After a 72 game summer last year his elbow started bothering him.  We thought that the 3 month break in the winter would allow him to heal.  We used essential oils, iced, rested, and PT’d that sucker…. to his dismay, once pitching practice started it reared its ugly head again.  He showed me today during these trying moments that Valor is bravery.  Anxiety is something that runs in our family and Ben has been trying to conquer his since he was a child.  When I was fearing him to be completely freaked out, he sure showed me!!! (Thank GOD!!!!!) He was such a trooper.  Valor is proving that FEAR really stands for False Expectations Appearing Real.  The mind can overcome fear.  The soul can be lead to believe that GOD holds us during times of tribulation and fear.  Valor means that you are willing to face an enemy, challenge, or something you never thought you could have victory over and in the end be the VICTOR.  We used the essential oil blend named Valor today.  It certainly gave our sense of bravery and strength a huge boost.  My family is blessed with the gifts that essential oils has brought to our wellness both physically and mentally.  My knowledge grows everyday and my passion heats every moment to learn and experience more and more about the precious God given blessings that they have to offer.

Jen Nastu is a blogger/friend that also took a break from her passion of sharing her insights on being a “Middle Aged Woman” MAW.  Her wit and humor in her writings share so many thoughts we all feel.  She was in today for a hair color and cut.  She just recovered from severe sinus surgery, and in the process realized how much she was awakened to her purpose in life while she was recovering.  Thank you Jen, for giving me the Valor to go back to my blog and renew my passion for sharing spiritual stories of passion, enlightenment, and positivity.  Her blog site is  If you want a good giggle, check her out!!!






Grace…… What does it really mean?

tiny-frog-hiding-in-a-roseI never understood the magnitude of the word “Grace” until I was awakened to see what a gift it really is.

Grace is a verb. It means whatever you do, no matter how you wish you would have done things differently, God gives you…. GRACE. It means that He sees that we are only human here, and we can only be what we are, as humans. We can not be “perfect”, “righteous”, or “holy”. We can only be the very best we can be. Some days that “Best” is a 10 and other days that “Best” is a 2. (On a scale of 1-10) And guess what….. that is ok! If you open your heart to a loving God that loves you without judgment and without expectation, you will receive GRACE. You will receive Eternal Life in a place that is pure joy, love, and peace. There is no “entry fee”, no “cost per person”, and “no reservations required”.  Just simply allow your heart and soul to be loved by your Creator just as you love your child.

Think about it this way…… You simply want your child to come home from school each day safe and sound, correct?  You know that where they are going, there will be hard lessons, trials and tribulations, tests and tortures. But you know that you await your child to come home to a place of peace and comfort. A place that they will feel love without expectation. This is what God has waiting for us after this “school” that we are attending while we are here on Earth.  This photo shows that no matter how small we are, God protects us with Grace and beauty and love.  He surrounds us with a sensation that we are special to Him and He knows everything about us.  He knows every hair on our head.  And He can comfort us with something as beautiful as a rose petal when we call upon Him.

Simply a thought for you to ponder.

Angels, Love and Light to all of you,

What I do, and what you can give…..


I have been blessed with the gift from God to heal others through “Angelic Healing Touch”.  I have been recently launched through another spiritual door, to stop denying who I am and what my capabilities are.  I opened my mind to receive, follow and “follow through” with what God has been asking me to do for a LONG time.  It has given me more than I can ever tell you in words.  Although it “gives to others” I feel as if I receive more than I ever expected.  A new energy that I never imagined has entered my world.  My amazing husband, best friend, and partner in life, (Brian) is right on board. He is supporting me and loving me through this, just like all of the other crazy beautiful things we have gone through together in life.  That means the world to me.  No one else’s opinion matters to me more than his.

So what exactly is “Angelic Healing Touch”?  It consists of the person willing to receive peace, knowledge, and tools to go forward through this path on Earth.  I am only but a “cell phone”, relaying information from God to the person I am working on.  My hands are guided to “HOT SPOTS” on the body to remove negative energies, dead spots in energy fields, or to jump start the energy areas that are stuck.  Then I am guided through an Archangel Card reading that will give assistance and guidance for the recipient to forge ahead on their path of discovery and renewed energy.

Angels appear in every single religious realm exposed to man.  Catholicism, Muslim, Buddhism, Kabahlah, Judaism, etc…. all of these conformed religions refer to Angels on a healing level of respect, love, delivery of Divine messages, and protection.  My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, happens to be my direct connection to The Other Side and to eternity.  I do not choose to judge, argue or repeal others belief systems.  I want to share the love and healing abilities that God has blessed me with.  Simply said and shared.  I love to love others and to share the Love of God, His Son, His Band of Angels, and give it to all I can come in contact with.

I only ask that you all look inside of yourselves and see what your gifts are.  How you too can help others while we are here.  Pay something forward…. Smile at someone you see on the street, or just simply ask your friend or neighbor what you can do for them to make their world a better place.  It is the LITTLE things that make a BIG difference.  Live every day as if it were your last one here.



Watching over us…..

This beautiful Angel cloud is a sign that we are protected and watched by God.  How can anyone deny that this cloud is a “coincidence”?  I am constantly looking up at the clouds and finding images of Angels.  My boys have even started looking up to see the simple signs from above.  Ben said today that he saw a Japanese Wave in one of the clouds on our way to Denver.  That is his way of looking for signs.  They are all around us constantly.  A pregnant mother, a blooming crab apple tree, a turtle sitting on a log at our park.  All of these are ways that we can enjoy the fact that we are never alone.  Too many times I hear people ask me for proof of another higher being, a Creator, a God.  How many more examples of a Creator that loves us more than anything can you ask for?  Just take a ride in the mountains.  Take a hike in the woods.  Drive your car to the grocery store and make it home with food for your family safe and sound without an accident.  What else do you need for proof that you are loved?  The energy it takes to “not believe” is often compared to the energy it takes to frown.  More muscles of the face are used to frown than are used to smile.  “Friends…. don’t let friends wrinkle over disbelief!” HAHAHAHAHA!!!!


Sending Angels, Love and Light to all of you,


LOVE, not on the periodical chart….

The word “LOVE”….. we use it every day.  “I Love you”, “I love that”, or “I love IT”. Do we really understand what LOVE is or means?  Is it an over used word that has lost its meaning?  I hope not, and think that maybe, this is a great word to be overused!  God has given us so many gifts.  Gifts of courage, insight, bravery, and survival.  The best gift in my opinion, is LOVE.  It is something that you can not package, sell, or put in a box.  It does not have a box on the periodical chart of physics.  It is something that you can only FEEL.  You can exchange it with someone else, you can share it with everyone or nobody, or you can choose to refuse it.  Love is the most important thing that connects us with The Divine and others that are here on this place with us.  Picture a beautiful ball of yarn with every color ever imagined.  Then picture that you are a single strand that comes from that ball with a bazillion other ones just like you, only a different color.  Each going a different direction, yet in the end, composing a beautiful tapestry that compares to no other work of art we here have ever seen or will see. That is what I believe God to be. “Free Will” was another important gift that our Creator ever gave us.  An opportunity to explore, learn, and challenge what our souls were born to know.  When we find that what created us is the only LOVE ever known, then that is when we find enlightenment and Divine Connection and Peace.

I wish you all the best that LOVE brings to you, your relationships and your futures,


My Best Friend

I am one of the lucky few who can actually say that their spouse is truly their “Best Friend”.  I thank God for this gift.  I have fallen in love with him head over heels once again.  This year we will be together for 29 years.  Married 24 years.  I believe the secret to our success has been love and respect.  Without respect, love can not be enough to get through the hard times, the tears, the pain and the hardships.  If you find someone you love, you are lucky.  If you find someone you love and respect, you are blessed.  Keep in mind they must respect you as well.  We as parents, have tried to keep this in mind raising our two boys.  If you treat someone how you want to be treated, usually they will respond with the same respect.  If you embarrass someone, they will usually recoil and not want to respond to your requests or relationship.  If your parenting skills involve punishment instead of discipline, usually they will rebel.  Live in the mantra, that was an old message from someone who loves you more than you will ever know…….. “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.”  -GOD     Pretty simple, yet so hard to remember each and every day for so many.

When I went through all of my health issues over the years of our marriage, I always knew that Brian would be there for me.  He never made me feel as if I was a burden.  He always stepped up to the plate and always batted 1,000.  When I had my accident this past November, (fainted and broke 5 teeth, fractured 7, 5 stitches to the chin, blood work to figure out why I fainted diagnosed me with Celiac Disease after an endoscopy and colonoscopy confirmed) Brian became my biggest support system that I could never imagine.  The diligence of watching everything I eat (gluten free, dairy free and soft foods for my dental issues) was phenomenal.  I couldn’t imagine going through such a difficult extreme change in lifestyle without his love and support.

I want the world to know that I would do the same for him in a heartbeat.  I want the world to know just how your actions towards a loved one can impact their lives and emotions so deeply that it can change their perspective on what “LOVE” truly is.  It is more than romantic gestures of gifts and travel (although I love and appreciate those gifts he has given our family immensely ).  More than buying them a nice car or home in the best neighborhood.  It is the hard times.  Knowing that they have your back.  Knowing that the respect you have shared over the years can make your love grow each and every day.

So, today, remember what you say, how you say it, what you do, and how you do it, can change someones life forever.  Live with intention.  Love with extreme selflessness.  Laugh from your soul.

Sending you all Angels, Love and Light,